WhitePepper Chef Academy

A leading UK chef academy since 2010 and crowned best in Britain on four occasions. WhitePepper is a team of experienced professionals who passionately strive to unlock the potential in every student.

Who We Are

We are a medium-sized culinary trainer promoting creativity, initiative and innovation. Our students benefit from a comprehensive and modern curriculum with commercial insights and exposure to food businesses. We help consolidate knowledge for both personal development goals and to enhance careers prospects. Our graduates are confident and have the tenacity to be great contributors in the world of culinary arts.

WhitePepper Chef Academy

Chef Academy Courses

Explore both Qualification Courses or Skills Courses. From Level 2 to Level 4, and Foundation to Advanced.

Culinary Training at WhitePepper

Why WhitePepper?

We love what we do and it shows in our results. We are constantly pushing boundaries, keeping pace with the modern world. We’re committed to offering the best access to training with 3 pledges; best price, best length, best flexibility. We are situated on England’s Jurassic coastline, just two hours outside of London.

Cookery School Courses

Explore the cookery school portfolio ranging from 1-day to 1-week, with classes for both children and adults.

  • With the Jurassic coastline on our doorstep, we're fortunate to intercept the fish on its way to the London markets. Learn how to best select fresh fish, how to prepare...

  • Unearth the tips, tricks and methods surrounding this rich, vibrant and taste-popping cuisine. Blend the spices, cook them out, develop the depth of flavour before...

  • Quintessentially Italian. The most recognisable of all the classes associated with "cookery school". Think less, just, 'pasta class' and more of the melodrama from Antonio Vivaldi...

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