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What About Employment?

“Employers will look for the assurances of qualifications and related experience. What they seek are competent, tenacious individuals who show initiative and the necessary craft-skills to perform the job well. They will also be searching for the trait, hospitality. Recruitment is a fickle and expensive business. As a result it can feel a little frosty at times, but for the right candidate, the process is full of excitement and opportunities. Worth bearing in mind, there are initial unknown quantities on both sides. The employer will want a high level of certainty that the individual is capable and with ongoing potential. The employee will want to know that the parameters of the work suit them and their skill set. That it is beneficial to their career path. Our alumni get a head start in this process and have access to a world of opportunities.”

Luke Stuart, Founder WhitePepper Chef Academy.

WhitePepper Alumni

Career Distributions

The hospitality industry is a uniquely diverse sector, comprised of a complex system of food businesses and a diverse set of employees with varied experiences, backgrounds and skill sets. Hover over the pie chart to see how our commercially relevant training can help support a range of jobs, career destinations and CPD goals.

* Source: WhitePepper Alumni Records, updated 2023

* Source: Indeed / Glassdoor / Flying Fish, updated 2023.

Career Salaries

First-class training will help to expedite success and improve a candidate’s average salary, whether that means climbing the employment ladder efficiently or spring-boarding a business. Whilst it can be tough to justify time away (from paid work and family), the benefits of training are long-lasting. Hover over the bar chart to reveal some of the best salaries from across the country.

Culinary Career Support

Career Services & Support

WhitePepper is a community of well connected food professionals with a confident outlook. Graduation is not the end, it’s very much the beginning. Alumni are privy to tiered lifetime support. Bronze graduates receive company endorsed references. Silver alumni are offered career soundboard and networking opportunities. Gold graduates are assisted with work placement. Trainees will also experience foodpreneurship workshops.